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Craniofacial Growth Series
Craniofacial Growth Series

The following titles from the Craniofacial Growth Monograph Series published through the University of Michigan are available.  Information on each volume may be found by choosing the title below.

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An Atlas Of Craniofacial Growth (vol.2)--By M.L. Riolo , R.E. Moyers, J.A. McNamara, W.S. Hunter
An Atlas Of Craniofacial Growth In Americans Of African Descent (vol.26) SALE--By E.R. Richardson
An Atlas Of Growth In The Aging Craniofacial Skeleton (vol.18) ONLY $25--By R.G. Behrents
Atlas of Orthodontic Treatment for Patients with Birth Defects--Kuroda, Ohyama, Motohashi, Moriyama
Biological and Psychological Aspects of Orofacial Pain (vol.29) SALE--Edited by C.S. Stohler, D.S. Carlson
Bone Biodynamics in Orthodontic and Orthopedic Treatment (vol.27) SALE--Edited by D.S. Carlson, S.S. Goldstein
Clinical Research as the Basis of Clinical Practice (vol.25) SALE--Edited by K. Vig, P. Vig
Craniofacial Biology (vol.10) ONLY $25--Edited by D.S. Carlson
Craniofacial Growth Theory and Orthodontic Treatment (vol.23) --Edited by D.S. Carlson
Craniofacial Morphogenesis and Dysmorphogenesis (vol.21)--Edited by K.W. Vig, A.R. Burdi
Creating the Compliant Patient (vol.33)--Edited by J.A. McNamara, C.A. Trotman
Developmental Aspects of Temporomandibular Disorders (vol.16)--Edited by J.A. McNamara, D.S. Carlson
Digital Radiography and Three-dimensional Imaging (Vol. 43, 2006)--Ed. James A. McNamara and Sunil D. Kapila
Early Orthodontic Treatment: Is the Benefit Worth the Burden?--Ed. by James A. McNamara
Effective and Efficient Orthodontic Tooth Movement (Vol. 48, 2011)--Eds. J. McNamara, N. Hatch, S. Kapila
Essays in Honor of Robert E. Moyers (vol.24)--Edited by W.S. Hunter,D.S. Carlson
Esthetics and the Treatment of Facial Form (vol.28) SALE--Edited by J.A. McNamara
Frontiers of Dental and Facial Esthetics (vol.38)--Edited by J.A. McNamara, K.A. Kelly
Growth and Treatment: A Meeting of the Minds (vol.41, 2004)--Edited by James A. McNamara
Growth Modification: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why (vol.35)--Edited by J.A. McNamara
Implants, Microimplants, Onplants and Transplants: New Answers to Old Questions in Orthodontics (Vol. 42, 2005)--ed. by James A. McNamara
Information Technology and Orthodontic Treatment (Vol.40, 2003)--ed. by James A. McNamara
Microimplants as Temporary Orthodontic Anchorage--Ed. by James A. McNamara, Jr.
Muscle Adaptation in the Craniofacial Region (vol.8) ONLY $30--Edited by J.A. McNamara
Naso-Respiratory Function and Craniofacial Growth (vol.9) SALE--Edited by J.A. McNamara
On The Nature Of Orthodontics (vol.0) ONLY $10--By R.E. Moyers
Orthodontic Treatment: Management of Unfavorable Sequelae (vol.31)--Edited by J.A. McNamara, C.A. Trotman
Orthodontic Treatment: Outcome and Effectiveness (vol.30) SALE--Edited by C.A. Trotman, J.A. McNamara
Orthodontics in an Aging Society (vol.22) SALE--Edited by D.S. Carlson
Postnatal Development, Aging, and Degeneration of the TMJ in Humans and Monkeys and Rats (vol.32) SALE--By H.U. Luder
Science and Clinical Judgment in Orthodontics (vol.19) SALE--Edited P.S. Vig
Standards of Human Occlusal Development (vol.5) --By R.E. Moyers, FPGM van der Linden,M.L. Riolo, J.A. McNamara
Surgical Enhancement of Orthodontic Treatment (Vol. 47, 2010)--Editors J.A. McNamara & S.D. Kapila
Taking Advantage of Emerging Technologies in Clinical Practice (Vol 49, 2012)--Ed. James A McNamara, Jr
Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain: Separating Controversy from Consensus (Vol. 46, 2009)--Editors: J.A. McNamara & S.D. Kapila
The 40th Moyers Symposium: Looking back...Looking forward--Ed. James A. McNamara
The Effect of Surgical Intervention on Craniofacial Growth (vol.12)--Edited by J.A. McNamara, D.S. Carlson
The Enigma of the Vertical Dimension (vol.36)--Edited by J.A. McNamara
Treatment Timing: Orthodontics in Four Dimensions (vol.39)--Edited by J.A. McNamara, K.A. Kelly

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